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Travel Guide to Miri, Sarawak.

Miri City in Sarawak, Malaysia is an interesting and exciting tourist destination with plenty of nature attractions and adventures. You can found a variety of accommodations style, deluxe hotels to bed and breakfast. There are also a lot of bar, bistro and dance club around Miri city. 

Travel to and Around Miri City.

Miri is accessible by air, land and also water. There are regular air flights in and out of Miri Airports, offered by Air Asia, Mas from both within and outside Sarawak. There are also Express Bus services from other towns in Sarawak, the Sultanate of Brunei and neighbouring Sabah.
Miri is also accessible by Express Boat from Brunei and also Limbang. 

Interesting Places around Miri

Miri Old town is a narrow warren of streets crammed with tiny shops selling a huge variety of goods.

  • Opposite the central bus station at Jalan Padang is a colourful native market...Tamu Muhibbah...selling a range of exotic fruits...vegetables...handicrafts and produce from upriver areas.
  • Taman Selera...on Brighton a popular food centre..fresh seafood and ideal location for the watching the sun setting on the horizon....with Miri Marina's unique seahorse lighthouse in the distance.
  • Want to know where your meal of fresh fish and seafood come from..head out to the Fish Market on Jalan Bendahara...where you can see the local fishermen landed their catch of the day.
  • Next to the fish market is the Tua Pek Kong Temple..dedicated to the deity.
  • The award-wining urban park complex...popular with the local for strolling...jogging or just chilling out is the Miri City Fan located at Jalan Kipas roundabout comprised of variety of theme..a Botanical Garden and an Islamic Garden and also a large Amphitheatre where concerts are frequently held.
  • Your Miri city sightseeing journey is not complete without visiting the Grand Old Lady the no 1 oil well...located on Canada Hill...a limestone ridge with an excellent view of Miri city and its surrounding areas.
  • The Petroleum Museum which is also located nearby provide an excellent history of oil and gas industry in Miri itself and also in Malaysia as a whole.
  • You can buy beautifully crafted ethnic arts and crafts at the Miri Handicraft Centre on Jalan Brooke....the Orang Ulu beadworks...woodcravings...the Penans Mats and basketry and also variety of textiles from around Sarawak.
  • The Saberkas Weekend Market located at Saberkas Commercial Centre on Pujut-Lutong road open on Friday evening until Saturday has a huge variety of goods on sale...from everyday household items to local handicrafts and jungle well as dozens of tempting food stalls.
  •  With its superb red roof...elegant lotus design cannot miss the San Ching Tian Temple...the largest Taoist temple in Southeast Asia is located on Jalan Krokop 9. It's an impressive and atmospheric place to visit.
  • The Sikh Temple which is attractively located in the shade of a 100-year old angsana tree at Jalan Kubu is one of the two in Sarawak is also worth the visit.
  • The Taman Awam Miri located at Jalan Miri-Bintulu is a huge family park with children playground...botanical garden...jogging trails and an observation platform accessible by a wooden walkway.
  • Hawaii Beach is about 20 minute drive from Miri City, located at Kampong Bakam.
  • The Miri Crocodile Farm located at Kuala Baram, 24km from Miri City.
  • The Luak Bay Esplanade Bay, 11km south of Miri City.
  • The Gunung Mulu National Park.
  • Niah National Park and Archaeology Museum
  • Lambir Hill National Park
  • Loagan Bunut National Park

Deluxe Hotels , Beach Resort and Golf and Country Club

  •  Dynasty Hotel at Jalan Pujut-Lutong
  • Grand Palace Hotels at Block 7, MCLD 2km. Jalan Miri-Pujut.
  • Imperial Hotel at Jalan Pos, adjacent to Imperial Shopping Mall
  • Mega Hotel at Jalan Merbau
  • Miri Marriott Resorts & Spa and also Parcity Everly Hotel  located at Jalan Temenggong Datuk Oyong Lawai
  • Eastwood Valley Gold and Country Club located at Block 17, Jalan Miri By Pass.

Miri budget  Hotels and Lodge.

  •  Brooke Inn...Gloria Inn..Pacific Orient Hotel and Muhibbah Inn are some of the cheap hotels located along Jalan Brooke.

  • Those located at Jalan Yu Seng Selatan are the Cosy Inn...Apollo Hotel..De Central Inn and Genial Inn...just to name a few.

  • Beside these two popular can also find cheap accommodations at Jalan Setia Raja...among them are Raja Inn and Richmond Inn. Harbour View and Silverwood Inn at Jalan Bendahara.

  • Among them Metro Inn located at Jalan Merpati...Tropical Inn located at Jalan Teochew while Today Inn....City Inn and Visa are located at Jalan Lee Tak.

  • Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort located at km 36, Miri-Bintulu Road.

Dining Out in Miri, Sarawak.

Miri Dining outlets range form fine dining shops...bistros to road side stall. They offer variety Malaysia...oriental and International dishes served in variety of style.

  •  You can find them at Pelita Commercial Centre...Centrepoint Commercial centre...Jalan Merpati...Bintang Plaza and also Imperial Shopping Mall.

  • While some of these stall like Miri City Food Court...Open Air Market only open for limited time...other like Pelita Hai Ma Food Centre open 24 hours selling chinese and western foods.

  • Beside those stalls selling chinese foods... there are stall and food courts...among them are Gerai Wawasan Food Stalls...SEDC Food Centre and Taman Seroja Food Stalls selling Malays nasi lemak....mixed rice and also satay. 
  • You can also check out other outlets at Jalan Bendahara...Jalan Merpati and also at Jalan Brooke.

  • Other seafood restaurants equally popular like Apollo Seafood...located at Yu Seng Selatan Road...Marina Bay Seafood Restaurant...located at MCLD Marina Park and also Dragon Seafood Restaurant at Bakam Road.

Western and International Food Outlets in Miri.

There a number of western and international food outlets located in Miri City...selling German dishes...western and pasta and also western style dell. 

  •  Among them are Cafe Bavaria at Jalan Bendahara...Fratini's Restaurant at Boulevard Commercial Centre and Seahorse Bistro located at Taman Piasau Indah.

Coffee Bars and Fastfood Outlets in Miri.

Beside the coffee shops...foodcourts and restaurants...there are also the fastfood and coffee bars in Miri. 

  • Among them are Borneo Baking Company at Miri Marriott Resort & Spa...The Coffee Bean together with San Francisco Coffee and Starbuck are located at Bintang Mall.

  • Among the Fast food outlets are the Pizza Hut & McDonalds at Bintang Mall...KFC have outlets around town including Bintang Mall...Jalan Bendahara...Imperial Mall and Boulevard HyperMarket. 
  • There is the local chain Sugar Bun also have outlet at Bintang Plaza...Imperial Mall...Wisma Pelita and Boulevard Hyper Market.

  • In Miri you can also find Indian restaurants at Jalan Perry...Jalan Merbau and also at Taman Jade Manis. There are also Japanese restaurants located at Piasau Business Park and ground floor of Boulevard Commercial Centre.

  • You can also find Korean food at Yu Lai Chun Korea Restaurant at Boulevard Commercial Centre...Siamese Secrets selling Thai cuisine is located at Jalan Merbau.

  • There is also a vegetarian food outlets at Pelita Commercial Centre...serving both western and Chinese vegetarian dishes.

  • Those who would like to taste the famous Bario rice can check out Sultanah Cafe at Pelita Commercial Centre...serving traditional ethnic food and also western favourites.

There are fine Miri dining outlets...serving Oriental and also international cuisine located in International Standard Hotel like Miri Marriott Resort & Spa...Grand Palace Hotel and also Imperial Hotel. 

Entertaining In Miri.

Miri Entertainment Outlets which come in many sizes, shape and styles providing entertainment to different segments of clients. They could be found located scattered around town in shoplots, shopping complex and also within the hotels' premises.

  •  Spot Café, Party Block, Maggie Karaoke & Lounge, The King Karaoke & Ktv Lounge, Balcony Café & Pub, Chaplin Pub, Crescendo and Cheerie Beeries are some of the popular nightspots located at Pelita Commercial Centre.

  • Season 1 Karaoke & KTV lounge, One Night Pub & Lounge and Bleu Coast KTV are located at Jalan Merpati.
  • Lot 9 Karaoke is located at Centre Point Phase II, while Centre Point Bistro Executive Lounge & Karaoke and QQ terminal are located at Centre Point Phase 1 Commercial Centre, Jalan Kubu.
  • 767 KTV and Meteor Pub & Lounge are located at Bintang Commercial Centre, while Datai Pub & Lounge and Xanadu Pub& Lounge are located at Bintang Jaya Commercial Centre.
  • Red Apple Karaoke & Pub is located at Jalan Merbau and Thai Bar is located at Taman Yakin.
  • Club Infinity Karaoke is located at Boulevard Commercial Centre.
  • Claasico Music Café is located at Beautiful Jade Centre and Atmosphere outdoor bistro is located at Miri Square Shopping Complex.
  • Loving Karaoke Pub & Lounge is located at Saberkas Commercial Centre
  • VIP Pub & Lounge is located at Jalan Sim Chiong Kay,while Woldclub Station is located at Jalan Yu Seng.
  • Wheel Bar & Café and Waterfront Pub & Lounge are located at Miri Water Front Commercial Centre and Submarine Beer Garden is located at Jalan Lee Take.
  • For Country Music lover could hang out at the Ship which is located at Piasau Garden.

·         They are Broadway Lounge at Grand Palace Hotel, KTV Lounge and Pub at Mega Hotel, The Ruai Lobby Lounge at Parkcity Everly Hotel.
·         The President KTV Show Club at Eastwood Valley Golf Resort. Lush Bar is located at Miri Marriott Resort and Spa, Jalan Temenggong Datuk Oyong Lawai.

Miri Diving Site.

Miri is also a popular diving destination. There is an abundance of pristine patch reefs, interesting wreck site with plenty of interesting and beautiful carols, fish and numerous reefs species. Among the sites are;

  • Eve's Garden - 7-12 metres.
  • Anemone Garden 10-16 metres
  • Sea Fan Garden - 16 metres, 
  • Tukau-Drop-Off - 20-40 metres 
  • Grouper Patch - 15-18 metres
  • Atago Maru Wreck - A WWII japanese wreck, off Lutong
  • Sri Gadong Wreck

The information provided on this page is for your general information and guide only. For more details about the establishment you are advise to check it out individually. Hope you have a wonderful and fun time at Miri, Resort City.